MMS 2015

Marthamariam Samajam (MMS)

The regular meetings of the unit are conducted on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month for about an hour in the evenings. In addition to regular classes and discussions, extra sessions are provided for study classes on Bible references and on modules of Marthamariam Samajam [eg. Padana sahayee]. Every meeting approves the minutes of the previous meeting and also the closing prayer is conducted by any one of the members. An average of 10 members usually attend the meetings regularly, but all the members take active participation in special occasions like medical camps, check ups or fund raising.


Blood sugar& BP Check up : On the fourth Friday of every month Blood sugar& BP monitoring is conducted for the Church members by volunteers of the Marthamariam samajam.

Samajam conduct food sale , pickle sale or Snacks preparation for the Sunday school children as a means to raise funds. All members take active participation during pickle preparation, packing or in needs of similar situations.

Many women who were previously not members got inspiration after being actively involved in the preparation of food served after Good Friday service and are at present take real interest in the activities of Marthamariam Samajam.

In rememberence of our Holy Mary during the feast of Nativity, the members collected the amount they saved by observing fasting and contributed the same to Bangalore Diocese for charity purpose.

Un used clothes were collected from the church members for charity for the Malabar Bishop Project, & were packed by the Samajam members ,& send through the UAE zonal secretary;

‘’ Bible reading month ‘’: During the ‘’ Bible reading month ‘’ , July 15 - August 15 ,along with other spiritual organizations. Continuous Bible reading was conducted for all 31 days & on the feast of Soonoya Perunnal and ‘Nercha’ was provided by the Marthamariam Samajm.This occasion was celebrated as the Samajam Day.

‘DIVYA BODHANAM’ classes lead by Fr.Jacob Thomas is an inspiration for most of the Samajam members. Presently 8 members are attending these regular sessions of POCE course held in the church premises.

Competitions for Elocution, Group song, Bible verses writing, Essay writing for the ‘UAE Zonal MarthaMariam Smruthy’, was organized at the unit level in June 2010 and the winners were appreciated for their efforts.

Samajam members are being prepared at the unit level for the annual zonal competition in “Guess the Person”, Bible reference reading and in quiz competitions.

Even with all the constraints and limitations, the unit actively participates in the church Harvest Festival every year and is appreciated by the public for their unique food stalls erected at the venue for the tasty mouth watering home made dishes.

We have planned for a Medical awareness seminar with interesting topics for the women; also our unit unanimously agreed to do a needbased sponsorship for a widow , nominated and approved by the respective Vicar of the applicant’s church.

The Marthamariam Samajam members and President normally visit the sick at home or in hospital to conduct prayers. They also offer a helping hand in their needs. During the marriage of children of the members, the group send congratulation greeting and if possible send representatives to attend the ceremony.

This small fellowship trying to endeavour, strongly believing in the motto,’’ Pray, worship and enlighten’; Now we have to motivate more women to be part of the Marthamariam ,by inspiring and through empathetic communication and timely support for the forsaken; widows through family prayers,visiting the sick at home; offering a helping hand when they are in need,as we do now.

We have to widen our horizon a little more to the nearby premises of Fujairah; And this will atleast provide a small light in the Orthodox community ,to remind ourselves that our responsibilities do not remain to our families only ; we have to be a lamp for others ; extending it’s powerful,devine to anyone in the community.

but the challenges an expatriate christian woman has to come across make her feel that it is not an easy task to enlighten others; We still believe that nothing is impossible,if we walk along with Jesus Christ;We pray to Our Mother Mary to enable us to fulfill our wishes & reach our goals.

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